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Mirai4Quality - esempio qualità produzione industriale

Mirai4Quality: it's uses

Receive immediate alerts on the occurrence of non-compliance, allowing line operators to promptly intervene in the event of alarms

Have real-time information on the production quality level

Assessing workpiece conformity by analysing work curves

Support operators in quality control with forms for routine checks and periodic alerts for their completion

Access tax benefits through the use of I4.0 technologies.


Mirai4Quality: what you can achieve



Reduced intervention time following alarms

Average results achieved by our customers in the past year

Discover the quality gains achievable with your plants


Mirai4Quality: how it works

Data is sent via MQTT to the platform, which is displayed in real-time and can reside either on-premise or on cloud servers.

The collected data is stored in a high-performance database where all history analysis features are available.

Mirai4Quality uses granular monitoring of the production process to highlight any causes of rejection. Anomalies are also reported promptly through events.

It is possible to indicate to the operator which parts should be manually checked for quality and when.

Process quality analysis can be based on:

  • temporal logics
  • logics related to the plant, the machine or the entire plant

All Miraitek4.0 industrial software is user-friendly because it was developed in collaboration with key stakeholders - production managers, line operators, quality assurance managers, maintenance and testing staff - to ensure clear information and facilitate decision-making. Industrial machinery monitoring and industrial process monitoring are done at multiple levels; from the plant down to the individual station. In addition, all Miraitek4.0 software allows access to the tax benefits of the Transition plan 4.0, in accordance with the latest PNRR updates.

Product features


Adaptable to different types and ages of machinery, with production data collection via the main communication protocols. High system reconfigurability following plant modifications.


Can be integrated into one or more machines, plants and factories at different times. Different variables can be monitored for each machine.


The data collected resides on a local server or in the cloud; the information can be accessed at any time and from any device connected to the internet. The PLC is able to receive and give input with the two-way flow of information.


Fully customisable dashboards, indicators and data model to suit individual customer requirements without changing the software source code.


Each user is identified by credentials that allow access only to permitted information. The physical isolation of the machine network from the company network is guaranteed, with data always transmitted and managed on a secure protocol.

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