Predictive maintenance

Data collection enables companies to implement preventive maintenance policies, decreasing breakdowns and downtime, increasing production quality and plant availability.

Mirai4Maintenace optimizes production efficiency by increasing the plant life.Mirai4Maintenace is a predictive maintenance tool that exploits data collected from the field (faults, stops, alarms) and processes them, identifying the best moment to intervene to avoid faults.

Once Mirai4Machine has collected operating real time data from the field such as faults, alarms and stops, Mirai4Maintenance machine learning algorithms allows to drastically reduce them.

The main benefits deriving from the installation of a software for predictive maintenance are:

  • Decreased maintenance work
  • Reduction of intervention times
  • Reduction of intervention costs
  • Increase of reliability of the production plant
  • Improvement of product quality
  • Increased productivity
  • Increasing the useful life of productive resources

The introduction of preventive maintenance solutions also allows to organize maintenance activities, helps both the supplier and the user of the automation.