Our services

Evaluation of processes's status
and evaluation of the company's digital maturity

Digital technologies selection and integration.

Data analysis: design&integration of innovative solution to increase processes's efficiency.


The digital transformation demanded by the 4.0 industrial revolution can sometimes require a re-organization and improvement of the company functions.

Miraitek team supports the customer in the analysis of business processes, offering tailor-made solutions based on the "digital maturity" of each area.

Spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano, Miraitek benefits of the industrial engineering research’results of the School of Management Manufacturing Group: the team of experts Miraitek provide specialized consulting services for the re-engineering of its production and management processes.


Miraitek supports the customers along the digital transformation of its processes.

Miraitek’ solutions are designed in compliance with Industry 4.0 standards to remotely monitor plant production, providing detailed information about stops and faults on real time.

Mirai4Machine, Mirai4Production and Mirai4Maintenance are scalable solutions for machine monitoring, production analysis and predictive maintenance: they can be easily set up according to customer needs; Miraitek team also supports its customers with on-site training.

The Miraitek professionals also identify the correct IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) tools for data collection from the field (sensors, IoT gateways, embedded PCs etc) and take care of their installation in the production lines of the customers.


Miraitek represents the industrial partner for Industry 4.0 solutions integration.

Politecnico di Milano spin off, Miraitek team is made of industrial engineers with deep expertise on process optimization.

Miraitek aims at increasing cutomers' plant efficiency and productivity through data analysis.

Data collected via remote monitoring tools such as Mirai4Machine, are analyzed by the professionals to identify ineffciencies.

Miraitek team of experts suggest the best solution to improve plant performances and increase productivity and competitiviness.

Miraitek team is specialized on asset management, operations management, maintenance and supply chain.