Thanks to the expertise of its professionals on industrial engineering and automation, Miraitek is the industrial partner for the integration of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Spin-off of Milano Polytechnic, Miraitek collects research on the Industrial Engineering of the School of Management's Manufacturing Group to provide the most innovative and efficient solutions for the re-engineering of factory and management processes.
Miraitek solutions are designed to collect data from machines on production, providing real time information about machine performances. Stops, faults are displayed real time even remotely to the users: machine downtime can be easily decreased.
Thanks to the experience in the manufacturing world, Miraitek is the ideal partner to design a digital future for companies.

Our mission:

Increase customer’s competitiveness, adding value to its processes.

Improve industrial processes’ efficiency.

Decrease set-up times, errors, downtime and products waste.

Allow greater flexibility and productivity.