Process digitization: what does this mean?

Automated production systems are frequently subjected to mechanical and electrical problems: alarms and stops can occur several times a day, requiring skilled supervisors to restore proper operations. The most of the machines on production already have sensors that allows an accurate real time monitoring of the functionalities.

The transformation of data into information is the first benefit of Industry 4.0 approach: machine monitoring allows to collect data of the machine operations over a period of time. The analysis of such data allows to identify production trends that can lead to failures or stops: the predictive maintenance algorithms allow to intervene in advance, controlling the effective operations of the system, drastically reducing maintenance times and costs.

Is it possible to collect operating data from different machines?

Mirai4Machine communicates with industrial machinery through the most common communication protocols (OPC UA, TCP, Modubus, MQTT etc). Data collected by the machine control (PLC or CN) are stored and analyzed to highlight machine as well as components failures on particular status.
Revamping actions allow data collection also from machine that do not have digital controller.

Which parameters can be monitored?
Every machine is charaterized by different functionalities, components and features: it is important to monitor different parameters for each machine, station and component.
In order to increase machine efficiency and decrease its failures, Mirai4Machine allows to select variables monitor for each component of the machine. It is also possible to set frequency of data sampling and storaging.
Aiming at increasing plant'performances as well as companies competitiveness, Miraitek experts support the customer defining the parameters to be controlled and on the analysis of data collected from the field.