Transition Plan 4.0


Benefit from the tax breaks available for Industry 4.0 investments with our products.

We will accompany you throughout the entire digital transformation journey, from the administrative management phase and obtaining the tax benefit, to the physical implementation of 4.0 technology.

Transition Plan 4.0
Why Miraitek4.0
If you are a manufacturer, with Miraitek4.0 you can
If your are an user, with Miraitek4.0 you can
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Material assets

Miraitek4.0 allows material assets to meet 4.0 requirements through interconnection and bidirectionality

Selling machines that meet the 4.0 requirements

Access tax benefits of up to 50%

Intangible assets

All Miraitek solutions enable 4.0

Access tax benefits of up to 50%

Technological innovation

Miraitek4.0 provides technology consulting

Access tax benefits of up to 10%

Projects 4.0 e Green

Miraitek4.0 provides projects and monitoring solutions aimed at reducing energy consumption

Access tax benefits of up to 15%


Miraitek professionals can offer 4.0 training

Access tax benefits of up to 70%

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