The Miraitek4.0 offer

- All products are available on the Proprietary Platform and Mindsphere -


Real 4.0 monitoring for your company

Minimise maintenance costs

Quality always under control

Save energy, gain efficiency

The certainty of testing, even remotely

All the benefits of predictive maintenance

Zero waste, zero reworking

Environmental respect and sustainability

Visibility and analysis of trends, even the unpredictable

Your process at a glance

Traceable and quality pressing

Life Cycle assessment green

Green/Circular Economy green

Green green

Green & Sustainability

Are you a Manufacturer of Industrial Machinery and equipment?

Some advantages:

  • Real-time remote control of machinery
  • New business models
  • Support in the testing phase
  • Customer support through remote monitoring; analysis of production data allows improvements and upgrades to be proposed to the customer.
  • Enabling new business models by expanding the offer and creating new sales opportunities.
  • Manufacturer support in the testing phase, which can also be controlled remotely.
  • Objective evaluation of production performance with increased customer confidence.
  • Ability to offer plants enabled for Predictive Maintenance.
  • Sale of I4.0 machinery in compliance with Transition Plan requirements

Want to know more about what we offer to Manufacturing Companies?

For Example:

  • Increase OEE
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Real-time monitoring with high granularity and immediacy in information retrieval.
  • Increase OEE (throughput, availability and quality) due to less downtime.
  • Reduce energy consumption and increase environmental sustainability.
  • Increase output quality and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Predictive maintenance and increased plant safety.
  • User-friendly interface developed in partnership with users.
  • Ability to analyse history through real time data collection and storage.
  • Access tax benefits with the use of 4.0 technologies.

We are the ideal partner for Consultants as well. Find out why.

With Miraitek you can:

  • Expand the project portfolio
  • Have a ready-to-use product
  • Increase the market
  • Synergy with Miraitek4.0 to best meet customer needs.
  • Expand the portfolio of consulting projects offered.
  • Wide selection of ready-to-use products that are easily implemented.
  • Market increase toward customers interested in I4.0 topics.
  • Continuous updates to digital transformation and technological innovation.